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October 6, 2006
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KH II: Xemnas x Xehanort Dolls by teamsugoi1 KH II: Xemnas x Xehanort Dolls by teamsugoi1
CLICK or hit DOWNLOAD to play! ^_^ (best viewed on 1280x1024 monitor setting)

Finished! ^^ This time I was really able to give it my all....However I'm going to get almost no sleep before work...again! hahaha....XD

Since my first version did so well, I decided to follow up, this time actually trying...(and able to save my progress, woo hoo! :D )
The preloader's cute...^^ I made it using 's tutorial...So I'm very indebted! Then again, what else is new? :3

I got asked quite a few times by my friend in real life and on DA for some guidance as to where items are meant to go. I really don't like to tell, honestly...I think if you use your imagination you'll find an even better place for it!

But I broke here's a cheat list for all you playing out there. I still reccomend you don't use it until you play a bit first, but! XD

Item List:

= Paopu Fruit Underwear: The first thing you see on him, besides his hair. lol! They obviously are meant for covering up his...unmentionables....but I think they'd also look sporting on his head! XD (ahhhh don't kill me!)

= Xemnas/Xehanort style hair: Another default item, Xemnas and Xehanort's hair from KHII. it's so cute...I want hair like that. XD

= Ansem style hair: from the original Kingdom Hearts style. very sleek and sexy. Yum!

= Fig Leaf: Secret item! X3 I won't tell where it goes, but I'm sure you can guess where by just looking at the name!

= Paopu Fruit: Awww....a love symbol! How cute! Will he give it to you? :3 This item is placed in his left hand.

= Ansem Report: You know, if he held on to those reports a bit better, they might actually be of use to him. =_=; Instead we fly around to fifty million worlds collecting them....*sigh* Another left handed item.

= Devil Horns: Hey, we're all a little evil sometimes....These naughty little guys go on his forehead. Duh. XD

= Halo: Yeah, like he could ever be a sweetheart! This must be an old halloween costume. hahaha....Place above the head for maximum deception of those naieve little masses.

= Bandaid: T__T For all of life's little boo-boo's....goes...well...anywhere.

= Matrix Glasses: Oho, how pimp. ^^ If you can't guess where these go, maybe you need to visit planet earth sometime.

= Novelty Reading Glasses: O_O Did you....take out the frames?? How vain can you be?!

= The Stampede's Glasses: Once worn by a famous gunman. Who liked doughnuts. :3

= Mr. Potter's Popular Personal Items: Place on your face, and instant fame will be yours. Just watch out for that creepy snake guy who keeps following you!

= Rose in the Mouth: Oh my...what a cassanova. n_n

= Sweat Drop: That expression on your face says more than words ever could.

= Sly Grin: It's unfair that everytime you smile our hearts melt. >_<

= Scar Pelt Helm: Hey, wasn't this item also seen in Hercules?

= Rocker Style Earrings: A must have for this season's Nobody.

= Sora beanie Cap: Awww.....What a precious face! With this on your head, no one could resist precious little thing.

= Heartless Hug: When Heartless are in love, they tend to cling to the back of your head while you're distracted. Watch out!

= Moogle Headpiece: Kupo! This item can be placed on your head to make you just like a moogle, kuopopopo-!

= Icha Icha Paradise: A Romantic Novel for the responsible adult....I think a ninja may have dropped this, it looks a bit used.

= Death Note Notebook: Huh...There really are alot of names written in here, I wonder what it all means? Who is Lind L. Taylor anyway? I don't think I know him....Oh well.

= Sea Salt Ice Cream bar: Yum!! If you want to eat it, just go ahead and put it in you mouth! Just be careful not to give yourself a headache...

= Tribal Tattoo: A warrior's tattoo pattern designed to be worn just across the left side of the chest, and down the arm.

= Hotsprings Bath Towel: It's so hot in here, I can't see a thing...! I'd tell you to dry off, but then you'd have to remove that little towel there....hehehe....he...

= Leather Pants: Complete with wallet chain, you'll always look stylish in these retro pants.

= Boys Gosu-loli Tie Up Pants: The latest fashion from Japan's most popular names in music...Guaranteed to charm any fangirl or boy in a second. ^w^<3

= Cammo Green Artist Shirt: I think someone splattered paint on this....

= Keyhole Stitches Macabre Turtleneck: Did Edward Scissorhands make this? It looks pretty beat up.

= Nobleman's Vest: A truly classic style, for a truly marvelous gentleman.

= Fuzzy Winterwear Jacket: keeps your warm on the coldest of days!

= Lace-up Midnight Sleeves:A great accesory if you feel you need something to cover your arms.

= Dog Collar: Woof woof! ^_-


That's it!! have fun playing, I await your comments and suggestions! I also want to hear which character(s) You'd like me to do next!! :D
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AngelStar4529 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Student General Artist
reading his hentai :iconmegustaplz:
yaoi-fan-girl36 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student General Artist
you know the heartless can also go on left arm (HIS LEFT)
lol and i also made this [link] if its not aloud i will take it down
IamfemGermany Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Student General Artist
:iconnosebleedingplz: sexy game
KadajGotsGame Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
one of teh first games i played on DA

have you made more? o3o (demyx one would be cool)
wakalover2 Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student General Artist

SAIX- I CALL DIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MidnightForevermore Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I never knew xemnas was sexy till now
Claudefaustusfan Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
xemnas +glasses= <3
SnowsGhost Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Student Writer
Xemnas+leather pants+belts+sunglasses=*nosebleed*
I just couldn't put a shirt on him XD
VampireMish Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
XDD I thought it was Sephiroth! XDDDD cute game!
Druindo Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Maybe it's my computer or something but the game won't load and I can't find a download button, and I really would like to play.
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